Blaze Winter Season Resumes Jan 4

We are planning to resume our Blaze Winter season on Monday, January 4!

  • Swimmers should attend the practice group they are already registered for. Please contact us if you are unsure when your practice group meets.
  • COVID-related safety practices will remain in place.
    • Everyone wears a facemask at all times (except in the water).
    • No parents in the facility.
    • Please conduct an at-home screening before you come to practice. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK.
    • Arrive dressed and ready to swim. Locker rooms are available for restroom use only.
    • Swimmers should bring a water bottle.
    • Swimmers will be socially-distanced in their lane assignments (no more than 4 per lane - 2 at each end). Swimmers should maintain social distancing when they are on the pool deck, dropping belongings in the stands, and when entering/exiting the facility.
    • We will limit sharing of equipment as much as possible and disinfect equipment between uses.
  • Our practice group rosters look very similar to what they looked like when the schools went 100% online. We lost a few swimmers so there are open spots on some of our practice group rosters. Registration fees have been decreased to reflect the shorter season for any new swimmers that would like to join.

We hope that you have a great winter break! Looking forward to seeing everyone back in the water in January!!!