Coaching and Winter Session Update

After 28 years, I have decided to step back from my position as head coach of FAST.  I have always loved working with my swimmers and will miss my time on deck immensely.  The biggest reason for this change is that I wish to spend more time with my own family.  Other reasons include; walking on a concrete floor 2+ hours a night is not good on the back, I am starting an additional licensure program in the spring, and of course, I like being married to my beautiful wife(if you are unaware, the divorce rate for coaches is crazy high). 

I am not dropping off of the face of the planet.  I will continue to help the team but my role will be reduced from where it was. 

We have been trying to find a way to make a winter season possible for FAST this season.  Unfortunately, between potential school shut downs, coaching dilemmas and space issues, we have decided to hold off on running a session until Spring of 2021.  

On a financial side, the board (myself included) decided to furlough me as an employee in April/May.  Although I wasn’t thrilled with the solution, it helped the team from getting buried in debt.  We have been carrying past balances from a number of accounts which made things more challenging than it should have been.  We should be on solid ground when it is time to open up.–PLEASE PAY YOUR OVERDUE BALANCES 

We were able to run a shortened summer program that a solid group of our swimmers took advantage.  I have offered to continue writing swim practices for any kids that wish to swim on their own while they wait for us to get back up and running.  If you wish to get workouts sent to you, please let me know. 

If you know of anyone interested in coaching, please direct them to me.  

Coach Miles