S&C Week of December 28

Hello Team!!


Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays last week! This week ends with the New Year. I have written 4 workouts for this week.  Enjoy celebrating the New Year with your family on Friday.  The weather this week will be all over, with 3 days of rain forecast and temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to 32 degrees. So for those who do the S&C early in the morning due to the cooler temperatures please bundle up.  Let’s have fun while doing the S&C workouts this week.  I miss seeing everybody, so looking forward to being back in the water soon!

I know we can stay in shape for this short break so that when we get back into the water it will be go time with ease!  Please continue to do as many S&C workouts as you can to stay in shape.  If you want, you are welcome to post pictures or a video on the team Facebook.  You are also welcome to challenge each other to workouts. Just keep it friendly!  We will be back in the water, hopefully, soon.

The swim center pool is closed at this time.  The HOA is moving forward with plans for our return.  As soon as they determine a date for return I will let you know.  They want all swimmers, coaches and staff to safe when we return.  If you have any questions send me a text or email.  I am looking forward to learning of the date for swim team safely return to the pool I will let everybody know. As of this time, Austin must be in Stage 3 for 14 consecutive days to trigger the return plan. So, please wear a mask, wash your hands and stay safe!  I think we are all in agreement when I say, we want to get back into the water as soon as possible.

We will have our weekly hangout on zoom on Wednesday.  The following schedule will be used: Bronze 5:00pm; Silver and Gold 5:30pm; Sr and PrSr 6:00pm. The links will be sent out on Wednesday morning. Please continue to stay safe and heathy.   Please remember to practice safe distancing according to the CDC Guidelines.  South Texas Swimming which is our LSC for USA Swimming has a Covid-19 link on their web page.  It has great information about what USA Swimming is doing in regards to moving forwards.  That link is

Be sure and hydrate throughout your workout.  It is going to be great workout weather this week!  Please dress appropriately while working out outside.  Do not worry if you do not have mini dumbbells or weights at your house.  Everything will be able to be done with things you have at home.  So, lace up those running shoes, grab that water bottle, air up that exercise ball and get prepared for a week of great fun!  : )  If you have a request for a certain exercise drop me an email.  I will include it in next week’s workouts.

I am so proud of all who are participating!  Please be sure and workout so you are in shape when we get back into the water. Any questions please email me [email protected] or give me a call 210-632-4344.


Silver and Gold                 

PrSr and Sr                         

Definitions of Exercises

Let’s be safe and take care

Happy New Year!!


Coach Jennie Lou