Tues- 7:10-8:10pm @JMSS 
               Wed- 7:10-8:10pm @JMSS 
               Thurs-7:10-8:10pm @ JMSS
                Fri- 6:40-7:40pm @ JMSS
                Sat- OFF
                Sun-10-1lam @ Greenhill 
Group 2: Mon- 7:10-8:30pm @ JMSS 
               Tues- 7:30-8:45pm @ Greenhill 
               Wed- 7:30-8:45pm @ Greenhill 
               Thurs- 7:30-8:45pm @ Greenhill 
               Fri- OFF
               Sat- 12-1pm @ Greenhill 
               Sun- 11-12pm @ Greenhill 
Group 3: Mon- 7:30-9pm @ Greenhill 
               Tues- 5:45**-7:15am @ Greenhill 
               Wed- OFF
               Thurs- 5:15-7:15am @ Greenhill 
               Fri- 7:30-9pm @ Greenhill 
               Sat-10-12pm @ Greenhill 
               Sun- 8-10am @ Greenhill 

Please pay close attention to several schedule changes throughout January!!!
A few practices will be canceled due to Greenhill swim meets.  
A few morning practices for group 3 will only be 1hr due to pool sharing and JMSS water temp too hot for older kids!! We only have 5 more weeks of sharing morning space with Parish!  Mid-February we will be back to our pre-HS season evening times at Greenhill which is a little earlier!
Greenhill will be virtual school next week so can go earlier in evening.
Also, Greenhill will be chlorine shocking pool next week which affects two practice days.
Jan 1- No practice all 3 groups!  Happy New Year!!!!
No group 2 on Jan 5th due to pool shocking!
No group 1 on Jan 6th, Group 2 at JMSS 7:10-8:30pm due to pool shocking!
Group 3, 5:15-6:15am at Greenhill on Jan 5th,7th!
Group 2, time change earlier to 6:30-8:30pm on Jan 7th at Greenhill.
Group 3, time change earlier to 6:30-8:30pm on Jan 8th at Greenhill.
Group 3, 5:15-6:15am at Greenhill on Jan 19th, 21st!
No group 2 practice ** Greenhill swim meet** on Jan 21st!
Jan 28th- No group 1 practice ** Greenhill swim meet **, Group 2 practice 7:10-8:30pm at JMSS!