Information to start the New Year


Swimmers and Families-

I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays and are ready for the New Year.  I am including information to start the 2021 winter season.


Assigned Workouts

Assigned workouts for January are posted on the following group pages:


Senior 1

Senior 2

American Canyon


Age Group



Additional practice times and days are available for signup at:

Signup Link


Swimmers will receive an individual email from over the course of the upcoming week to confirm their practice schedules.


Workout Information and Monthly Focus

The coaches have been working on a monthly training cycle and will be working with swimmers on these cycles starting the first week of January.  This includes stroke and workout progressions as well as focus on race day and swim meets.  More information (will be updated soon) is available at:


Workout Info



As we move into the new year, one of the goals of our staff is to continue to improve our swimmers development as well as communication.  This has looked different this past several months due to practicing at several facilities each week.  


Due to this, we have assigned Lead Coaches to oversee the communications, signups, etc for the following groups.  Note that all of our coaches will continue to work with swimmers from various groups, which will be overseen by myself as the Head Coach.


Ricky Silva                              Lead Coach-Senior Swimmers      (both sites)

Kevin Chester                         Lead Coach-Junior Swimmers       (both sites)

Hollie Edwards                       Lead Coach-Age Group and Otter Swimmers

Leann Wu                               Assistant Coach

Abby David                             Assistant Coach

Pamela Kennedy                    Billing Admin


Swimmers and families will receive a weekly email from the Lead Coach of their designated group(s).


Billing and registration questions should be sent to Pamela Kennedy at [email protected]


USA Swimming Registrations 2021

We will be submitting 2021 USA Swimmer registrations for each swimmer.  Swimmers will be invoiced for the registration, which will be charged on February 1.  Additional information regarding registrations are included in our Team Handbook.  Swimmers who are already registered for 2021 will not be updated/invoiced.  A list of swimmers will be posted and emailed on Monday, December 4.


Updated Team Handbook

An updated team handbook is now available. This handbook covers January-March 2021 and will be updated for the remainder of the season as we navigate thru our upcoming merger as well as COVID-19 restrictions.


Updated Handbook Link


DART-Solano Information

We have finalized our plans to merge with DART to form DART-Solano starting on January 20.   We are excited for this opportunity.  Changes will take place over the course of the upcoming year, much of which will not affect day to day practices for the first couple of months.   The changes will come…..and will improve our team for the long term.  Additional info is available below:


DART-Solano Information


Meet and Event Information

We will begin our race days on Saturday and Sunday, January 23 and 24.  These will take place during our regular practice times at American Canyon.


Our next sanctioned swim meet is scheduled for January 31.  Note this is subject to local and regional COVID restrictions.


I look forward to seeing everyone at the pool.  Please contact your Lead Coach with any questions or schedule issues.

Ricky Silva
Head Coach