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Team Email - 1/4/21 - TRAVEL reminders

Welcome to 2021! 

While so much is promising and new this year, there are quite a few things that are going to stay the same for a little while…please refresh the below policies & protocols so that we can hopefully move back to structured workouts and inter-team competition sooner rather than later!  This team email will be divided into TWO news posts (Travel & Sign-Ups) to ensure easy access and clean communication – so make sure to read both of them!

We have had a number of families opt to travel for the holidays and may look to travel over the coming month. Please keep an honest and open plan with the coaching staff.

Communicate with all travel plans to group lead coaches and to our Safety Director Greg Hartman. They are the primary resource for keeping a clean record of all travel compliance.

Please see the website for the city of Chicago for the most updated map of Red & Orange states. The most recent iteration is from December 29th (effective 1/1) and the next review will be January 12 (effective 1/15). This does change VERY often - so there's an equally good chance this changes again this week. 

-Red State travel is an automatic 10-day quarantine

-Orange State travel is a 10-day quarantine OR negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours (before or after) return to Illinois.

-Exception: If you have had a positive Covid-19 test in the past 90 days AND have completed your 10 day isolation AND have been symptom-free for 72 hours – the travel restrictions do not apply.

-Clarification: If you travel to state and are there for less than 24 hours – the color of the state restrictions still applies. 

All of this information is also posted on the team Instagram story and in the highlights on the team Instagram page – it’s a more pictorial option.

We have had some questions about traveling out-of-state to compete for 18 & Under athletes – this is currently NOT allowed by the state of Illinois and is punishable both to the individual and the team with a financial or competitive penalty. We know this is frustrating, but until this restriction is lifted – we will just be looking compete first inter-team and then hopefully against local programs and will expand from there as allowed.

To reiterate – please be open and transparent with the coaching staff. While athletes may not be able to participate in in-person options while quarantined – we are re-doubling our efforts to have online programming and team activities for athletes especially this month

Overall Plan
Again, we are optimistic that we will be able to return to intra-team competition in February and more as we move into the spring & summer.  There is some state-wide discussion of regionals & state competition, but until we hit Tier 5 (which requires a LOT of vaccinations) we will not see normal-looking competitions in Illinois. 

Account Adjustments:

  • To go online only – contact the business office.
  • To go on hiatus – please contact the business office to go on retainer for $50/month (limit 2).  You will not have access to the program at all at this time.
  • To withdraw from the program entirely – please let the business office know as well. We have an extensive waitlist eager to join NTA.

When your High School Senior decides on a college – whether or not they will be an athlete – please let us know so we can celebrate their choice on the team social media!

Lastly – PLEASE mask-up, social distance, wash your hands, limit your bubble…we can do this!