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Team Email - 1/4/21 - SIGN UP Reminders

Welcome to 2021!
Sign Up Genius Policies & Procedures Edition

While so much is promising and new this year, there are quite a few things that are going to stay the same for a little while…please refresh the below policies & protocols so that we can hopefully move back to structured workouts and inter-team competition sooner rather than later!  This team email will be divided into TWO news posts (Travel & Sign-Ups) to ensure easy access and clean communication – so make sure to read both of them!

And now, to the Sign Up Policies -
Please only sign up for assigned training groups in advance.

For out of training group or additional session sign ups:

  • Morning or ALL weekend workouts after 8p the previous day.
    • This is a slight change to allow for family plans on weekends.
  • Afternoon workouts after 2p on the day of the session.

What group can athletes sign up for at that time? 

  • D level = Novice, D5, D6, D7
  • A level = A10, A9, A8
  • JR level = JR, JA, JP
  • SR level = SR, SA, SP, SHP – any gender is allowed at this time for additional signups
  • WP = 14U, 18U – any gender is allowed at this time for additional signups
  • Masters = Masters

All Team Open Swims Jan 4-17:

  • 30 minute increments at OLPH
  • These will open 4 days prior to the sessions – this sign-up is located HERE.
  • Generally, we would like these to be for family-focused swims, but if it is absolutely the only option to get the expected sessions during Tier 3, all athletes can sign up!
  • Fridays: 4-5p; Saturdays:  230-4p; Sundays: 2-4p  

If your family opts for an all-team open swim, please be courteous remove yourself from a nearby team swim if possible. Think of it like returning the shopping cart to the store after finishing shopping. 

In Tier 3 – EVERYONE across the program has less options than prior to Thanksgiving, but the pool cost and overall team operation cost has not changed.  This is prohibitively challenging now that school has resumed and we have a limited amount of pool space compared to winter break.

General per week expectations:

  • Novice/D5/D6 – 1-2 in-person workouts, 1-2 dryland/yoga
  • D7/A8/A9/JR/SR/14U/Masters – 2-3 in-person workouts, 1-2 dryland/yoga
  • JA/JP/SA/SP/SHP/18U – 3-4 in-person workouts,  2-3 dryland/yoga

We are seeing a small up-tick of athletes manipulating the system and playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with pool options and limiting options for other folks. If athletes have signed up for sessions outside their assigned training groups PRIOR to the above sign-up restrictions, they will be unceremoniously removed from those sessions. 
If an athlete is taking significantly more workouts than what we have programmed for  or signing up for the wrong group prior to the additional sign-up date – we do ask that the athlete be cognizant of what they’re signing up for, as they may be taking opportunity away from other athletes and remove from sign-ups that 

Why can’t the coaches just assign times? We cannot assign pool time more than we are right now without falling out of compliance with IDPH restrictions that require a reservation system.  

Be a good teammate.

We also know that there are not always enough options for every athlete, but we hope that the flexibility of signing up for other groups at the same level will shuffle out and will allow us to avoid having un-used lanes.  

We are optimistic, as well, that we will see some loosening of practice restrictions when the Governor reevaluates the protocols on January 9th – hopefully returning to two athletes per lane and/or allowing for coached, structured workouts either by the 15th or end of January. 

Overall Plan
Again, we are optimistic that we will be able to return to intra-team competition in February and more as we move into the spring & summer.  There is some state-wide discussion of regionals & state competition, but until we hit Tier 5 (which requires a LOT of vaccinations) we will not see normal-looking competitions in Illinois. 

Account Adjustments:

  • To go online only – contact the business office.
  • To go on hiatus – please contact the business office to go on retainer for $50/month (limit 2).  You will not have access to the program at all at this time.
  • To withdraw from the program entirely – please let the business office know as well. We have an extensive waitlist of athletes eager to join NTA.

When your High School Senior decides on a college – whether or not they will be an athlete – please let us know so we can celebrate their choice on the team social media!

Lastly – PLEASE mask-up, social distance, wash your hands, limit your bubble…we can do this!