Steel Fitness Follow-Up

Hello EMAC Families,

To follow up on the previous Steel Fitness requirements:

  • Please find somewhere to park at the facility and walk up to the main entrance. 10 minutes prior to the start of practice a coach will meet the swimmers out in the circle 5 minutes before the published start of practice, the swimmers will be escorted into the facility.
  • Due to entry procedures, if your swimmer is late and misses the escort into the facility, they will not be able to attend practice that day. Please do your best to not be late as this is not a policy we are able to be lenient on.
  • To make sure your swimmer is able to attend practice it is recommended you arrive at SFP 15 minutes BEFORE the printed practice start time.

Thank you for your understanding and support in helping offer our swimmers the best practice experience we can!

See you at the pool!