High School Girls

Hey Ladies! 

This event is ONLY for High School girls. PLEASE do not do anything to this event if you are not a HS girl.  We are SUPER excited to see that you are going to have a high school season this year! Or atleast seems very likely!! It will be different but better than nothing! We are going to make things a little different as well compared to what we have done in the past to help give everyone the best experience possible during this time. We want to give more girls an option to swim with us so we have created a "partial" option so you can drop in a few times. 




There will be 3 options to pick from for this high school season:  

1. You would like to only swim high school during this time. Please hit DECLINE to this event. This will let us know you are planning on NOT swimming with us at all and we will turn your billing off completely for February and March. 

2. You would like to mainly swim only high school but would like to drop into no more than 8 per month and participate in meets. Meets hopefully will be happening now that creek is open!  Billing will be turned to "hold" and will be billed $75 per month.  If you would like this option Commit YES to the event and in the notes section please write you would like the LIMITED schedule. 

3. You would like unlimited access to practices and meets. Continue with regular billing. Please commit to the event in the notes section write. FULL TIME <3 :] 


If you do not select any there is no guarentee we know to change your billing off the full. PLEASE make sure to select something so we know to change your account. If you don't its a guessing game for us and we don't want that! ;] 


Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Miss your girls so much! Super excited for them!! Let me know if you have any questions! <3