Droolin' Moose 2021

2021 DROOLIN’ MOOSE fundraiser  


This year's  Droolin’ Moose fundraiser has officially begun. Forms were handed out to the swimmers on Thursday, I will get forms to ERMS for the divers Monday.   


Encourage your sons to ask friends, family, and potentially neighbors. Post pictures of the order form on whatever social media platforms you use to increase potential sales. Take the order form to your workplace and sell to coworkers, I like to leave mine on the breakroom table with an envelope paperclipped to the form for payments. Please, do not turn in cash, I write a check myself and deposit the cash into my account. This is a new requirement; we are trying to reduce the transfer of germs.  


There are prizes for the athletes based off the number of cups they sell. If someone wants to just donate and not get chocolate that is ok too, we can accept donations.   


Order forms and money are due January 21 st. The chocolates will be delivered before Valentine’s day, which is a major selling point (that is why we do this fundraiser now).   


Good luck,  


Coach Mauser