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Team Email 1/11/21

Quick Team Email - read all bullet points

1) Schedule for the rest of January will be posted by end of buisness on Friday the 15th. This is later than usual as we are waiting for our status to be announced on the 13th as well as waiting for results of the IHSA/IDPH meetings on the 13th and the high school responses to that meeting. 

2) We have had several notes sent to the business office referencing families traveling out of state to ski/shop/surf/socialize. Please note, unless bodies were out of the car in the state for less than 15 minutes - that trip is considered travel to a state even if the stay was less than 24 hours. Please abide by the appropriate rules for those states and please check the appropriate requirements. 
Athletes who traveled out of state this past weekend, please remove reservations from sign up genius and follow appropriate protocols based on red/orange statue.
Please schedule a PCR test no sooner than 48 hours upon your return for accurate results. 
Remember - the antigen tests are NOT accepted. 

3) Please also remember the basic exposure requirements with regard to attendance.
Please do NOT attend workouts - if any household member has symptoms, is quarantined or isolated, is awaiting test results or has a test scheduled.  Notify coaching staff and do not return until all of the household has been cleared, and the athlete has had 72 hours of symptom-free existence. 

I know there is significant tempation to bend the rules as we start to get more frustrated with the overall social and emotional and physical situation (believe me, the thought to vacation exotically has crossed my mind too!) but we HAVE to keep our workout setting safe. For many athletes on our team this is the ONLY opportunity they have to be out of the house because we have these strict protocols in place.  Please respect their need to have a safe environment - whether that is due to their health requirements or of a household situation that negates in-person education. 

If you have questions about your specific situation - please contact the coaching staff and/or Safety Director Greg Hartman. 

Thank you for your help in keeping NTA safe and operational! 

Coach Alexis