Updated Pool Policies
We hope you are excited to be back in the water, all the coaches certainly are!  With our return we have a few new policies in place.
  1. Locker room use, after practice, will be allowed - in groups of 5 or less.  We will work with the swimmers who are interested in this at practice.  They will be limited to changing only and keeping time to a minimum
  2. Masks must be worn at all times until they get into the water.  Each athlete should have a plastic bag to place their mask into.  We will look into adding hooks at the pools to place them on before they get in.
  3. Siblings who finish early may wait in the stands with their masks in place as long as they remain socially distanced.
  4. Swimmers should come ready to swim as we are only allowed to use locker rooms on the way out
  5. Pool entry will be the same as it was this fall.
  • Hidden Oaks: Enter through the building through the pool doors and enter the pool through the doors at the top of the stairs.  We will exit through the diving well door or through the locker room (if you're showering)
  • Twin Oaks: Enter the building through the doors near the cafeteria and enter the pool through the door at the end of the nearest hallway.  You will exit the pool the same way or through the locker rooms
  • Kenwood Trail: Enter the building through the Pool doors and exit the door near the starting blocks (If you choose to shower, still exit that way)
  • McGuire Middle School: Enter and exit the building through the doors on the north side of the building near the bus garage and tennis courts.  You will enter the pool through your locker room.
Let's do our part to adapt to these policies!