A message from Coach Todd



Greetings Wahoo Families and swimmers,

I wanted to take this time to wish you all a Happy New Year. As we move forward into 2021, the Wahoo Coaching Staff are optimistic that our competitive swimming program will gradually return to what we are normally accustomed to embracing.  As the date of January 19th approaches we will be looking to Ned Lamont and the Health Department from the town Wilton to grant swimming (a moderate to low risk sport) some expansion and loosening up of the guidelines that currently restrict us due to COVID19. What that will look like remains to be seen and we are optimistic in moving forward.


Currently Joann McCaffrey and Coach Eric Holden have been putting in great efforts in listening to parent’s suggestions and feedback regarding the current training slot sign up procedure.  Starting this Saturday you can look forward the following improvements, which we hope will enhance the process for you.


New sign up system, which allows for …


  1. Sign ups organized by date and time in sequence rather than by pool location.
  2. Easier format to read and understand.
  3. Calendar view available for planning.
  4. No user account name required, but you must click on the link to access.
  5. Alerts ahead of time to remind swimmers of previously scheduled training slots.
  6. Staggered sign up times which start earlier and end earlier to allow parents with multiple swimmers across squads to focus on one swimmer sign up at a time.

We truly hope that the new system will enhance the process for you, but we also understand that it is always challenging to please everyone with one approach.


We appreciate your support and patience through this journey and as coaches we will always provide the maximum opportunities for your swimmer(s) in regards to training, dry land conditioning and the social and competitive team experience.


As always please feel compelled to reach out to any one of our staff if you have questions or need assistance in any way.


All my Best,

Todd Stevens

Director of Competitive Aquatics

Wilton YMCA Wahoos