SMART Goal Setting Resources

Hi All,

Goal Setting.  

The power of setting goals is undeniable. I have rarely encountered anyone of worth who has not given real thought to their personal and professional goals. Goal setting gives us fuel when we are tired and purpose when we lose sight of the shore, so to speak. While it is almost universally agreed that goal setting helps athletes, the process of setting smart goals is not always understood. We would like to have our swimmers have ownership of the process as we begin the new year and new season.

We have posted some material online to help. In addition, I will post a video explaining the details and finer points of smart goal setting. For now, check out the links below. One is an online form. The other points to a document that should be printed out. After your athlete has filled out both the online form and the ones to be printed, we can set up individual goal setting meetings.

Online Form -

Please Print (and bring with you for the meeting) -

The meetings will be informal and will take place during practices. A prepared swimmer will get more out of the meeting than one who shows up without proper pre-meeting preparation. 

I am trying to keep to my New Year’s resolution of keeping these posts that’s it for now. We will post information regarding the CAT meet (meet changes, timelines, psych sheets, etc) tomorrow.

See you at the pool - Rich