Super Scoop with Coach Ray


Dear Super Bronze/Super Squad Families,


            Hope everyone is having a safe and happy 2021 thus far! Even with our limited practice schedule, it has been a great couple weeks of working hard and having fun! Coach Eric and I are super pleased with how our age group swimmers have been practicing and working together as a team. There are a couple of things to keep in mind as we go through the next couple of practice weeks.  



·        There have been some scheduling conflicts with some of our Super Squad/Super Bronze swimmers and being unable to make our only scheduled practices on Saturdays. In order to accommodate those families, we are offering 1- Practice slot for each group on Wednesday. *Wednesday slots are to help our teammates who have not been able to make practice, and the slots are first come first serve. * The Wednesday practices will be the same workouts that are to be given on Saturday. 

·        Super Bronze- Wednesday 5:40-6:30 in 25yd

·        Super Squad- Wednesday 6:40-7:30 in 25yd

·        Sign-ups for practice this week * open Saturday at 8:30 PM*


Link for Practice Changesà

HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. DAY! – with the Holiday on Monday, we wanted to let our squads know that we will still be holding our regularly scheduled DRYLAND PRACTICE, from 5:30-6:00PM. 



-         Super Squad has been continuing work on reading and understanding the pace clock, and over the last couple of weeks has been averaging over 1000 yards a practice! Coach Eric and I have been implementing longer swims, while trying to hold strong form throughout the swim. We have also been giving small test sets that are fun, new, and challenging to our swimmers (I.e. 5-min swims and 5-min kick with fins.) 

-          Super Bronze has also been working on reading the pace clock, as well as being able to tell what their time is for a given swim. The super bronze swimmers have been crushing the challenges presented in practice and seem to be having fun besting those challenges in the process. Over the next couple weeks, we will be working on our butterfly timing between the arms and kick, working on backstroke finishes and turns, and continuing to cover the things previously worked on. 


We are looking forward to our upcoming practices! If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns. Please, feel free to reach out to Coach Eric or I at any time!



Coach Ray