Post Meet/Week 8 (water week 3)

Boys Swim and Dive team and families,   


I want to start by saying what a great job everyone did at the meet yesterday. We had some good swims, and we were able to get the first one out of the way. Our technique development is going well for everyone. Practices next week will start at 3 M, T, W, and F. We have our second meet on Thursday against Farmington, we will be virtual all season and the start times will remain the same with diving starting at 3:30 and swimming starting at 4:30.   


I hope everyone was able to watch the Facebook live streamed meet, if not, you should check the boys out. They appreciate your support whenever they can get it. It is an odd season, but you can still cheer them on from home. I will be finishing the spectator plan and emailing information about that later. The meets are streamed on Facebook from the “Burnsville High School Swimming and Diving” Facebook page, please give it a like to be notified.  


Just a reminder about volunteer opportunities as that is the way that this season will be successful. We will need meet workers at every meet on both the diving side, which Dillon’s family has agreed to take care of, and the swimming side. The job sign-ups for that will be available each week in the event information on team unify. There are lots of ways to get involved and help make this a great season. I encourage everyone to attend the virtual zoom board meeting for the booster club on the 20 th at 6:30 there is always good information and discussion about how we can better serve the members of our team (teams as the boys and girls share a booster club). This is also a great place to ask questions of more experienced swim parents if you have any.  


Our Droolin’ Moose fundraiser will be ending next week, they are due back to me on January 21 (the same day as the Farmington meet). Make sure you are encouraging your athletes to sell as much as they can, this is a big fundraiser for the team (not to mention the chocolates are delicious and it will be delivered before Valentine’s Day and would make great gifts.  


Brian Chhuoy and I met with our representative from Elsmore Swim Shop this week and have approved the proofs that were provided. We are working on getting the online store open and designating a closing day once we get the store active. I will make another announcement once that happens.  


There is always time to order extras if you need more masks, decals, etc. If you need anything, please let me know and I will help you get what you need.   


The team has made arrangements with a company that does “fathead” posters to put in our spectator area so that the stands can look full. This was a very neat thing that was done for the girls season as well. Please send a picture of your swimmer/diver and any family members, friends, or others (some pets even made it into the stands to cheer on the girls) that your athlete would like to see in the stands! You do NOT need to pay for your athletes' individual fathead as those are paid for by the booster club. The cost of these fatheads is $20.00 each. All photos need to be submitted to  5job [email protected]  NO LATER THAN  TUESDAY JANUARY 19, the sooner we get this order in, the sooner we get them put up in the respective pool areas.  


Another reminder is that I have asked your sons to wear a winter hat when leaving the pool area because it is  cold,  and their hair is wet from practice. Please remind them of this and maybe check that they are bringing one with them. Thank you.  


The Conference results page is now a located here: You will find the completed, combined and scored results from all our meets there. It takes time for all the meets to be reported and scored; I was told that they would all be posted once they are done for the week.  


Last but certainly not least, I want to announce that we have hired an assistant swim coach. Natasha Schonewill graduated from Burnsville, swam on the girls' swim and dive team, and has been coaching with Black Dog Swim Club for 2 years. I am looking forward to working with her this season and she is excited to be with us as well. She will be with us starting Monday 1/18/2021. We have been discussing having Saturday practices and will make that announcement soon.  


Thanks for your time,  


Coach Mauser