Weight workouts

Strength Days:


All Primary lifts are done in drop set format.

Complete 5, 3 and 1 weight reps and then immediately drop 40-50% of weight and complete as many reps as possible (AMRAP) each set.


Week 1:

Warm up is same each day:


20 halos 10 in each direction

10 prisoner squats

30s shoulder tap plank

10 push ups


Day 1:

Primary lifts

Squat 5/5/5 with drop each set

Push press 5/5/5 with drop set


Secondary lifts

40 post push ups each side(use as many sets as needed)

4x 30s on 30s off iron cross plank

50 pull-ups. Use as many sets as needed. If hitting more than 10 reps per set add weight.


Day 2:

Primary lifts

Bench press 5/5/5 with drops

Bent row 5/5/5 with drops


Secondary lifts

Arnold press 3 x 8-12  reps if less than 8 lower weight if more than 12 add weight


3 x Drop set rope extensions

Do 3 drops each set. Start with weight that you can do 8-10 reps then drop 5 pounds each time and amrap.


3 x 30 up down planks every 2 minutes



Day 3:

Primary lifts

Deadlift 5/5/5 with drops

Strict overhead press 5/5/5 with drops


ISO bench 3x15 each arm

50 pull ups same as day 1


3 x drop set curls same pattern as triceps from day 2



Keep all exercises the same for weeks 2, 3 and 4


Week 2 is 3/3/3 rep range for primary lifts with drop all other reps stays the same

Week 3 is 5/3/1 rep range with drops for primary lifts all other rep ranges the same

Week 4 is recovery all primary lifts done 5/5/5 at 40-50% of 1 rep weight



Cardio days can be added at the end of a strength day or any day in between.


Cardio Day 1:

Take you push press 5 weight and follow the pattern 8 times and go every 3 minutes


3 x push press

6 x front squat

9 x bent row

12 x deadlift


Try not to stop between lifts and keep hands in contact with the bar. Each round starts every 3 minutes. Whatever is left of the 3 minutes is your rest.


Cardio Day 2:


3 x 3-2-1 push up

6 x jump lunges

9 x prisoner squat


Perform a burpee every 60s no matter where you are in the pattern. Resume where you stopped to do burpee when done with burpee. The kicker – add 1 burpee each minute.


You finish when you cannot finish the burpees in 60 seconds. Enjoy!



Cardio Day 3:


15 minutes every minute on the minute alternate these 2 lifts(EMOM)


Use a weight that is 50% of your 5 weight

Fronts squat x 15

Dead lift x 15


15 minutes EMOM alternating these 2

Jump Squat x 30

Goblet Squat x 15