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Tier 2 Schedule information

Tier 2 Schedule Information

1) The Schedule for Next week (and probably the foreseeable future) will be available on Google calendars by the end of the day today (Thursday). We endeavor to post two weeks at a time starting in February, once we have an idea how the Tier movement is going to be implemented and enforced - both by the IDPH and IHSA.  

2) Athletes will be assigned to workout groups (Group 1 or 2) within their training groups (ie. A10 or JA etc) for those times when the groups are at Baker/JCC/OLPH. When groups are at Loyola, we are able to have a full 24 person roster in attendance. Coaches will be emailing those rosters out by the end of the week and the workouts groups will go into effect on MONDAY, JANUARY 25TH. These may have changed from November based on assessments by the lead coaches to maximize training settings. If you have specific carpool situations - please let the lead coaches know ASAP. 

3) All workouts are now coached. Please have a conversation with your athletes reminding them that the coaches will be expecting them to listen and work hard so that we can compete soon. These first few days were filled with a little bit of squirrely athletes who weren't quite ready to be in a structured environment again. 

4) Athletes may NOT switch between training groups within Tier 2, Tier 1 or Phase 4 (ie. a D5 athlete may not request to swim with D6).  Requests to switch assigned workout groups (1 or 2) within the training group will be at the discretion of the lead coach and any questions should be directed to those coaches.
This is a measure that is effective THIS WEEK as a requirement of IDPH Tier 2 guidelines - so if an athlete was unceremoniously booted out of a non-conforming workout on sign-up genius, that is why.  This was also mentioned in the earlier team emails on Monday. 

5) Sign Up Genius is no longer something we are using beyond this week. Athletes must stay in their training groups - so families should look to the google calendar for that schedule. If we have to move back to Tier 3, we will have to return to Sign Up Genius and single lane open swims. If that isn't motivation to mask up, wash hands and social distance...I don't know what is! 

6) All Team Open Swims are here to stay for a little while. These will be in the ALL Team Sign Up Genius offered on Sundays at JCC from 230-4p in 30min time slots. These are open to all athletes - active masters & 18 & Unders - however, this will NOT be a coached workout. These will be limited to 6 active lane spaces per session, but siblings/family members will be allowed to be in the same lane.  Athletes attending these sessions will understand that they are going to be attending a mixed workout and therefore will have increased exposure to Covid-19 as a result. 
Why are we able to do this? Why not just offer another workout for a group? 
We actually just have a lot of pool time on Sundays and every single group is already managed with several workouts during the week. Some families would like more access to pool time and this is when we can provide it. It's a great chance for families to come swim together!  Hopefully we will get more weekday time soon which will be more helpful! 

6) Athletes should not attend in-person programming if: 

  • Athlete or household member has symptoms of Covid-19
  • Athlete or household member has Covid-19 and is in isolation
  • Athlete or household member is awaiting test results for Covid-19
  • Athlete or household member is under quarantine for exposure
  • Athlete has traveled to an orange state. Please consult with Safety Director Greg Hartman for more information. 

If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to reach out. 
Thanks again for all your patience as we continue to navigate this process.