LCSC Coho Update 24 January 2021

LCSC Coho Update                  24 January 2021

What to Expect as LCSC Returns to Practice
1. Please continue to stay safe and stay home if you have any Covid-19 symptoms. 
This is still the time to be safe and err on the side of caution.  LCSC is following the recommendations of Wayne County’s “Return to School Roadmap”:
With flu season also upon us, in an indoor setting, we can play it extra-safe until spring or even summer. 
2. Wear your mask and social distance at all times when in the Rec Center.  This includes dry land training, waiting behind the blocks to enter the pool, and using the restrooms.  

Again, we can play it extra-safe until spring or even summer and err on the side of caution.  It may be a good idea to bring a disposable mask to practice as it will get wet a few times during each practice.  Hooks are set up under the starting blocks to hold masks while swimmers are in the water. 
3. Dry land training is a part of every practice session.  
Necessary equipment includes: 
exercise mat/towel, clean gym shoes/socks, and jump rope for all swimmers.   
As swimmers advance, more equipment will be needed.  For example, SR/Platinum swimmers should have an appropriate-weight med ball on M/W/F.  Because our current water capacity is 36 swimmers and our total practice capacity is 42 swimmers, coaches are integrating daily dry land to all groups so that more young Coho swimmers may be involved in the fun of training on land and in the water.
4. Maintaining safe distance in the water while resting and/or receiving instruction.  
Please be aware of social distancing while in the water.  Spacing in the lanes to receive instruction is first swimmer at the wall, next swimmer halfway to the flags, third swimmer at the flags, fourth swimmer at the blue dot, fifth swimmer at mid-pool.  Resting follows the same distance guidelines.  Coaches will rehearse proper spacing upon return to the pool.  We will alternate lanes of four swimmers with lanes of five to stay within suggested USA Swimming safety guidelines.  
5. Direct instruction and practice time to correctly perform basic and advanced racing skills.  In swimming, the combination of excellent instruction and time to fine-tune those skills is the path to success.  Coho coaches are well prepared to offer excellent instruction, and our Board of Directors have been tenacious in providing pool time for so that our young swimmers have the best opportunities to be successful swimmers.

Team Suits and Team Caps
Team caps and suits that were ordered in Nov/Dec have been distributed.  Charges for caps will appear on next billing cycle.  Swimmers interested in personalized silicone caps may order by emailing Coach Vince with the name desired on the cap.  The winter order will be placed on Friday, Feb. 10.  Information about the next team suit order will follow soon.

LCSC Swim Equipment
Each Coho swim group has its specific list of equipment. Most equipment is available through our team store.  Just click the icon on our home page, and the LCSC store will link up.  The specific type of equipment (i.e., Finis products, styles) have been selected by the coaches as the best equipment to improve technique. 
Bronze/Silver: Finis Alignment kickboard, Finis PDF fins
Gold: Finis Alignment kickboard, Finis PDF fins, Finis Freestyle snorkel* (*must be specific style)
SR/Platinum: Finis Alignment kickboard, Finis PDF fins
More equipment may be added to certain groups as communicated by the coaches.

Coho Racing Update
The weekend of January 29-31 will open up the 2021 Coho Racing Season!   
~With safety restrictions in place, only a limited number of Coho swimmers have been invited to “officially” race on Friday and/or Sunday, and those swimmers have been notified.  ~Swimmers will verify final event selections with coaches at the end of practice Monday.  
~The goal of this initial swim meet is for Coho swimmers to demonstrate their ability to complete as many of their IMX events during the time trial as possible.
~SR/Platinum and Gold swimmers not participating in the Friday/Sunday meet are invited to race on Saturday, January 30, 10:00 a.m.-noon.  A full range of IMX events will be offered.  Although the times will not be “official,” coaches will recognize legal swims as “near official” times, with coach recognition of completing IMX requirements.  Coaches will share details with the team at practice this week.
~Bronze/Silver swimmers that are prepared to race in their IMX events will also be invited to swim on Saturday, January 30.  A date in late February will be set aside to allow our youngest swimmers the opportunity to prepare for a full range of IM Ready event challenges.

Thank you for keeping all Cohoes safe!
Your LCSC Coho Coaches