Great News From Coach Todd

                            A MESAGE FROM COACH TODD


Greetings Wahoo Swimmers and Families,




We have been patiently anticipating our long awaited return towards normal squad training frequency and duration, along with the opportunity for our Team to get back to racing.  We also will not miss signing up for lane slots every week on Saturday night!  We look forward to the approval of our upcoming practice schedule and will release that along with a start date shortly.


All the Wahoo families have been very supportive and patient during this journey and your support is greatly appreciated. We have endured the “Pause on Youth Sports” and would like to finally offer the Wahoo Families some return in value due to our limited opportunities for the past 8 weeks. Below is a description of what is happening for you.


In order to calculate each swimmer’s credit by squad, we have carefully looked at the practice hours made available during the sports pause as compared to pre- pause hours.  This reduction percentage was then applied to 2 months out of the full 11-month swim year to come up with each squad’s credit amount.


  • For Wahoo monthly payment installments – this credit will be placed on your account and used to reduce or eliminate the last monthly program payment due on March 1st.


  • For Wahoos that paid in full upfront, the credit will be placed on your account for future use, or can be refunded to you at your request.


  • If you are so inclined, please let JoAnn know if you would like to forgo this credit back to The Wahoo Team.


Below is the credit value chart by squad.

Super Bronze             $136   

Super Squad              $184

Maroon                       $230

Gold                            $274

Junior                         $91

Senior                         $224

National                      $334


All my best,

Todd Stevens

Director of Competitive Aquatics – Wilton Y Wahoos