Cyclone Updates

 Important reminder about our Covid Protocol for Palencia Families:

All swimmers and Coaches will follow all facility, CDC, and USA Swimming guidelines.

•       Swimmers will be escorted into and out of the fitness center by coach.

•       The coach and swimmers will all maintain social distancing measures of 6 feet apart.

•       Members, including the coaches, must be masked entering and exiting the facility.

•       Swimmers have their own personal equipment and will not share equipment.

•       Restrooms will NOT be used for changing and use would be limited.

•       There will be no use of the outside water fountain.

•       No parents on deck unless special circumstance.

•       Palencia facility maintains a no guest policy. Swim team members at team practice are only exception.

Last day to commit to Hydro4 Meet!

 Results from EAJ Winter Invite coming soon. A special thank you to Mudgett, Gear, and Dent families for transporting the team tents.

Message from Hydro4 Host Team:

Our Winter Open Meet is coming up in less than two weeks!  We are taking pre-orders for the meet shirt.  If any of your athletes would like to pre-order their size to be guaranteed a shirt you can email me directly or place order with [email protected].  Shirt is attached and cost is $20.

See you soon!