The Great Lakes Zone for Paul A. Atkinson's Y Scholarship


The Great Lakes Zone Outstanding Swimmer

“Atkinson Scholarship Award”

This Award was established in 1991 by the Great Lakes Zone Swimming Committee to honor Paul Atkinson for his dedicated leadership in establishing this YMCA competitive aquatic program those years developing and promoting our Great Lakes Zone Championship, as we know it today. The intent of this award is to recognize a talented male and female from our Zone who has represented their YMCA with distinction. These individuals have been outstanding competitive swimmers and contributors to their YMCA, as well as being good students, active in the church and community, and all-around good citizens. 

These awards are presented each year at the Zone Championship Meet based on the nominations submitted by a YMCA Swim Coach, YMCA Aquatic Director, or President of a YMCA Parents’ Club or a YMCA Executive Director. Nomination Forms along with proper documentation is to be sent to Bill Whatley and received by March 3, 2021. After that date the selection committee will meet, review all nominations, and make their choice(s) for 2021.

Continuing Education Scholarship

In 2002, the Great Lakes Zone Swim Committee added to this award a “Continuing Education Scholarship” stipend of $750.00 for each recipient. This scholarship money will be sent to the school (trade school, 2-year college, college or university) of their choice and may be used for tuition fees, room and board (only if living on campus), or books and supplies. This is a one-time grant and cannot be renewed. Guidelines for disbursement of these Scholarship Funds will be out-lined in a letter to each recipient at the 2021 Zone Meet.


YEAR: MALE:                                                                  FEMALE:

1991 Jim Breen- Beavercreek Y                                               Sara Henninger - Beavercreek Y

1992 Bryan Banzinger - Marietta Y                                          Jennifer Crisman- Grand Rapids SE Y

1993 Brad Flikkema - Grand Rapids SE Y                               Marnie Breen - Beavercreek Y

1994 Jason Turner Miami Co. Y Elizabeth                               Anne Moore - Van Wert Y

1995 Jeff Bell - Springfield Y                                                    Rachel Burrowbridge - Louisville Y

1996 Quinten Cupps -Hamilton West Y                                   Mariah Butler - Marietta Y

1997 Brandon Mottice - Louisville Y                                        Jill Crates - Lima Y

1998 Drew Fiden -Kettering Y                                                 Noelle Bailey - Kettering Y

1999 Ben Douglas - Marietta Y                                               No Female this year.

2000 Joshua Kline - Mt Vernon Y                                           Meredith Lynn Snook - Saginaw Y

2001 Michael Gustafson - Grand Rapids Y                            Kelly Jones (KEY) So. Community Y

2002 Steven Helmuth - Louisville Y                                       Shannon Bauer -Birmingham Y

2003 Joshua Stephens - Hamilton West Y                             Kyndra Huff - Hamilton West Y

2004 Derek Johnston - Macomb Y.                                        Kahla Gress -Harrison County Y

2005 Jacob Busch - S. Toledo Y                                            Jackie Nagle - Jerry L. Garver Y

2006 Marcus Geer- Springfield Y                                            Kayla Faudree - Alliance YMCA

2007 no nominations                                                              no nominations 

2008 Jeffery Shade - Flint Y                                                   Ashley Emerson - Youngstown Y

2009 Matthew Wilmot - Geauga Y                                          Evann Heidersbach -Vermilion Y

2010 Ian Richardson -Mt. Vernon Y                                       Calley Murphy - Birmingham Y

2011 Mack Biggert -Macomb Y                                              Chloe Meyer - Blue Ash Y

2012 Spenser Swanton Saginaw Y                                       Charlotte Harris - Blue Ash Y

2013 Charlie Fry - Blue Ash Y                                               Kelsey Brebberman -Toledo Y

2014 No male nominations                                                     Courtney Speakman - Springfield Y

2015 Kameron Early - Columbus North                                 Rebecca Marra - Geanga OH

2016 Jake Klomp- Macomb Y, MI                                         Corinne Harris - Tiffin, OH

2017 Mitchell Nottage                                                           no nominations

2018 Micheal Johnston - Wapakoneta OH                           Madison Blakesley - Riverside Y IN

2019 Mitch Orozco - Miami County OH                                Taylor Harris - Tiffin OH

2020 Andy Blum – Ross County, OH                               Hannah Cech Lakota Y, OH


Nomination Form

The Great Lakes Zone for Paul A. Atkinson's

YMCA Outstanding Swimmer Award

Each YMCA participating in the Great Lakes Swimming Championship is entitled and encouraged to send in nominations to receive "The Great Lakes YMCA Outstanding Swimmer Award." This form along with the summary of the individual’s accomplishments and letters of recommendation must be sent to Bill Whatley, 5000 YMCA Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-7498 (or) e-mail to [email protected] (email applications are best)

All materials must be received by March 3, 2021 – applications will not be considered finalized until you get a confirmation email that the nomination has been accepted.

Please--Type or Print the information on this form:

Candidates Name:


Age: ____       Sex: (M) ___(F)___

Address: _____________________________________

City: ______________________________ 

State: ________ Zip:______________

Phone: (________)__________________

Email: __________________________________

YMCA Name: ________________________________________________________

YMCA Address: _________________________________________________

Zip: ____________ Phone: (______)____________________

School Name: _________________________________________________________

Church Name: _________________________________________________________

Nominated By: ____________________________ 

Relationship: ____________________

YMCA Executive's Name: ___________________

Signature: _______________________________Date:___________

Coach's Name: ___________________________

Signature: _______________________________ Date:______________

Coach’s E-Mail Address: _____________________________________

Primary phone number: (________) ____________________________

Age when individual started competitive swimming: _________

Number of years on your YMCA Swimming Team: ________

Number of years participated in G L Zone Championship: _________


Great Lakes Zone YMCA Outstanding Swimmer Award

enlightenedItems to be included in the Candidate's recommendation summary: 

YMCA Involvement (swim team, leader's club, volunteer, instructor, lifeguard, etc.). Also include - Church Involvement, School Involvement, Community Service, etc.


Attach a letter of recommendation covering the following by items: YMCA

Executive, Physical Director, Aquatic Director, Swim Coach, Pastor, Principal, Teachers, Community Leader, or Swim Team Parents Club Officer.

I. Comments on the personal qualities of this candidate such as leadership, etc.

II. Indicate how this person has exemplified the YMCA purpose and values in daily life such as responsibility, dependability etc.

III. Why do you think this person should be considered for this award?

IV. School, Club Activities, and / or Organizations, which this person has been a member.

V. Church Involvement and Community Activities.

Please use additional pages and Nomination letters if needed to describe this candidate’s qualities, values and interests. 

Please keep your Nomination Packet to 6 pages or less.

Please scan and email in one document to 

[email protected]