Super Scoop with Coach Ray


Dear Super Bronze/Super Squad Families,


            I’m sure most have seen Coach Todd and Jo Ann’s email regarding practice changes that allow us to go back to a schedule similar to what was held in October. The new schedule splits each practice squad into A, B, and C groups (depending on group sizes). These new guidelines allow more practice opportunities, while keeping our swimmers safely placed six feet apart. These changes will begin Monday February 1st. To find the new practice schedule... Click the link below:


Group Selections: 

·        Group selections were made with thoughts of creating the best environment for each swimmer to improve and have fun. Each coach picked groups based on ability and social aspect (friends, siblings, and carpools). Hopefully in the future we will be able to fit all group swimmers together at once. 

Dryland Practices: 


-         Starting Monday February 1st: Zoom Dryland will be postponed until further notice.  



-         Super Squad and Super Bronze have been sharpening their clock reading skills weekly, building strong endurance through lots of kick, and working on holding long body lines while increasing speed. Over the next couple weeks, we are hoping to learn new drills for each stroke and slowly increase the yardage with the additional workout.  


We are hoping with the increase in practice opportunities, that we have some competitions on the horizon! If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns. Please, feel free to reach out to Coach Eric or I at any time!



Coach Ray