Message from Coach Graves

Swimmers and parents,
My name is Ron Graves and I am the new Head Swim Coach at Berean Christian School. Here is a little
back ground:
I am a Christian, been married to Laura for 36 years, we have two grown children and one very cute
granddaughter. We all live in Knoxville. Four year Letterman University of Tennessee swim team under
legendary coach Ray Bussard. Never missed a practice in four years. 2 time high school All-American. My
event was spring board diving. Coached Cookeville High School the last two years. Diving is about body
position and details. Swimming is no different. I am big on stroke technique, turns, starts, which arm you
use as your first stroke off a start and turn, etc.
Please fill out and return the attached information sheet. If you are going to miss a practice, please let
me know BEFORE and not afterwards. When you have a job and you need to miss work, let your boss
know BEFORE and not after, that way you can keep your job.
The first thing I want you to do when you wake up, MAKE YOUR BED. It takes less than 60 seconds and it
sets you up for a good day. If you do nothing else but lay around playing video games all day, you have
at least accomplished one thing.
Tomorrow is going to be a very cold day. Do not feel like you must be there. I trust your judgement. I will
be there. If I cancel practice, I will let you know via email.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Do not be surprised if I ask you 20 times, what is your
name. Most of the time I see you, you are wearing goggles, swim cap, and standing it the pool. It will
take me awhile to learn everyone’s name. Feel free to call me Coach G.
Swim fast,
Coach G