First practice tonight!

Our first practice is tonight! Please arrive before 5:20.  We will meet up at the entrance to the outdoor pool and get you started.  I will be there as well as our coaches.  A couple of reminders:

  • UT has a mask policy that requires all persons to wear a mask anytime that they are out of their vehicles.  That means you must wear your mask while walking from the car to the pool. YOu will take off your mask just prior to swimming and replace it immediately after exiting the pool.
  • Every swimmer must fill out the health survey prior to every practice.
  • Please be considerate of the other teams that are starting as well.
  • Please review the UT COVID policies.
  • Remember - we are swimming in the HEATED outdoor pool. My kids have swam in this pool recently and actually prefer it to the SAC pool.  You will need to have a large towel to wrap up in prior to dressing.
  • The locker rooms are closed. You will need to have your suit on prior to arrival, and have clothes that you can easily pull over your suit after practice.

We still have several swimmers who expressed interest this spring that have not registered.  We do offer a 2 week trial, so if you are on the fence, please register and try it out!

See you at the Pool!