Sectionals and Nationals festival

We have still been waiting for the meet packet for the festival which is supposed to be March 31st - April 4th at Miami University. It will be short course meet, still not sure if it will be offering relays yet. The good part is the time standards will be 2% easier than a National cut. So some that don't have time cut yet, hopefully make the cut at High School, but still might have the cut if your within 1 second on a 100 race etc.  Now I have reached out to other coaches on their plan. Mike from PCY is taking teo swimmers to Sectionals and the rest to Festival. The two at sectionals may or maynot swim Festival?  Bill from Blue Ash is taking a few to Sectionals and the rest to the festival..  

So what we need to know is how many want to still want to go to Sectionals, and how many want to just go to the festival?  Or both?  Remember if you choose both that would be like 8 days of racing over a 10 day period.  We have had swimmers try this and it can be a challenge. But with the year we have had, maybe the challenge is worth it?  When I talked to the group yesterday it seem like 2 swimmers might want to swim both, but not everyone gave feedback.

So what I need to know, is by midnight tonight if you plan to go to sectionals yes, then what races do you want to swim, so we can have entries done by the 7th.  I know some say they can't get off work that many days.  I know this is short notice, was really hoping to have complete information about festival to weigh all decisions. Thanks Coach John, please respond by tonight at midnight.