Illinois Swimming COVID Waiver Update
Within the next few days any parent who did not correctly fill out the COVID Waiver form originally will be sent an email through PactSafe from Illinois Swimming with the following instructions:
If your athlete is a minor, you must put parent and/or legal guardian name in the area that states: "signer name". You need to put your athlete(s) name(s) where it states, "List Minors Separated by Commas".  The next four spaces need to be filled in with complete club name.  For all minors, the signature is to match the signer's name appearing at the top.
This is not an automated process...we have to answer each email individually, so please be patient.
Please alert your parents that these must be on file correctly in order for their athlete to participate in practices and competitions.  In addition, if you have any new athletes have the parents contact Barb Cunningham at the Illinois Swimming office to request a COVID Waiver.