SC State EAST Communication #1 from Jane Mittelsteadt

Hello all 

I wanted to send out a few quick notes regarding the plan for the meet.  I will send a reminder the week before as well but early communication is always helpful since it gives you more time to get this info to your teams. 

At this point, it is the intent of the Bozeman Barracudas to provide all the timers for the meet.  I believe in the contract we incorrectly stated we would need timers from each team.  If we are unable to get enough volunteers to fill all the spots we will reach out with the number of remaining spots and ask for volunteers from your respective clubs. 

For facilities we do have use of the gym in the High school for Saturday and Sunday. Since school is in session and due to COVID we do not have use of the gym on Friday.  This means that all swimmers for each session will need to be in the pool area.  We will have areas designated for each team to "Camp" throughout the pool.  We only have two sets of bleachers so we request that all swimmers bring a chair to sit on if they want a place to sit.  It is expected that they wear masks at all times and try to remain socially distanced when in their "area" to the best of their ability. We will ask that swimmers from each session take their belongings with them when they leave after their session and provide 15-30 minutes between the end of a session and the next warm up to prevent too many people in the swim center at a time.  There will be no eating allowed in the swim center - no exceptions!  Luckily the sessions are short, but if they need a snack they will most likely need to step outside to eat it quickly.  Drinking is allowed as long as they put their mask in place immediately afterwards.  We apologize for this inconvenience but we are making do with our limitations in order to allow us to swim.  

Saturday and Sunday we will be utilizing the gym.  Unfortunately, in the gym, chairs are forbidden to protect the floor.  So swimmers should bring sleeping bags or blankets to rest on between heats.  

We are requesting each team provide a chaperone for their team for each session.  If you can send us the list of names of your chaperones for each session so we can check them off and give them a tag at entrance that would be very helpful.  If we can have this information the week before the meet or by February 20th. Please email me at [email protected] with the names and sessions they will be covering.  Also their cell numbers would be helpful since we will be utilizing a text chain in order to communicate current events and heats to the gym.  This chaperone is allowed to bring a chair- they do not need to camp on the ground :). They just cannot slide the chair on the floor, it must be lifted to be moved.  

Thank you so much for your understanding on these issues. I am very excited to get the kids swimming and if we have to jump through a few extra hoops I know we and they are all willing to do it.  As said, I will send out all this information again the week leading into the meet and post an information sheet on the LSC website as well for easy reference. 
Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out and ask. 
Thank you

Jane Mittelsteadt