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Team Email 2/10/21

Team Email - 2/10/21

1) Regarding the NTHS Runva questionnaire on gatherings of 10 or more people - I have checked with NTHS administration and they have stated that sports practices and competitions are not under that gathering limitation. This distinction is intended to limit students from participating in social gatherings - any situation where more than one household may opt for no facial coverings or social distancing when together. 
Practices and competitions are strictly regulated with the exception of while athletes are in the water and do not qualify under the gathering distinction or quarantine requirement as intended by the school. 
This trust reiterates the importance of staying masked at all times and adhered to our protocols. We are proud the school approves of our processes and we must continue to be vigilant. 

2) Competition Weekend! Please check the schedule of events for your athlete this weekend. Our Developmental Track (N/5/8/JR/SR), Advanced Track (6/9/JA/SA) and Water Polo (14U/18UG/18UB) all have events this weekend. Performance Track (7/10/JP/SP/SHP) will have a competition on the 21st.
We will have every competition online for viewing - information will be posted on the event page and emailed out to all families that morning to make sure that we are abiding by all levels of safe sport protocol regarding minor athletes and photography. 

3) Performance Track competition will need parent timers. Please refer to earlier email sent by Kristen for information on how to sign up. If you timed in the fall, and have already completed the prequisites - even better! After participating in the new MAAPP guideline developments (safe sport guidelines) - the requirement for timers to be certified members of USA Swimming is coming in the coming year or two - so we're ahead of the game! 

4) Safe Sport! Speaking of safe sport - There are a lot of new educational developments available this month through USA Swimming & Water Polo. Parents (of any age) & Athletes (ages 11-17) who take the Athlete Protection Training will get priority registration for the fall of 2021.
CLICK HERE for these opportunities through USA Swimming. 
USA Water Polo has a similar training - located  HERE as part of US Safe Sport. 
These trainings cover a wide range of topics that parents & athletes can benefit from taking a little time to learn about. When you have completed the training - email a copy of the certificate of completion or date of virtual training to our VP of Safe Sport - Nancy Schumacher  to get credit. She can also answer any questions or help with any issues you might have in the process. 

5) Spring Break travel restrictions will be released next week. Please anticipate at least a 7 day quarantine from in-person programming upon return for our 18 & Under athletes to comply with school and facility requirements for students. 

Have a great competitive weekend & see you at the pool!