***8th graders registering for 9th grade next school year***

MAC Parents and Athletes,

This is important information for all parents of 8th graders who are going into 9th grade next year within Murray District.

In ninth grade you are part of the high school swim team!  It is such a great experience.  We have a fun, competitive, inclusive team!

At both Riverview jr. and Hillcrest jr there is a first period swim class option.  IT IS VERY MUCH PREFERRED THAT YOU REGISTER FOR THE SWIM CLASS.   It is not required, and if you can't fit it into your schedule, then you can still be on the team, you would just practice in the afternoons only.  But registering for the swim class will give them more practice times, and a better overall experience.

The class can be taken as a half year or a full year.  I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE THE CLASS FOR THE FULL YEAR.   During the first two and a half terms we are in swim season, so we will be doing swim training during the class time.  For the last term and a half we are in water polo season and we will be doing water polo training.  If you don't want to participate in water polo, there is an option to continue swimming during the morning class time.  Please do not use water polo as a reason to only take the class for a half year.  As I said, the swim season extends into the middle of 3rd term.  So please register for the swim class for the full year.

We have 17 incoming freshmen! (that I know of)  That is a huge freshmen class and I am really excited to make them a part of our Murray Spartan High School Team!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions at all.

Thank you!!


Adam Huff

Adam Huff