Swim Meets!

We are working on scheduling meets for this season!  I just sent out a notice about our first meet against Cookeville HS, this Friday.  Sorry for the late notice, but we need all swimmers registered by Monday, and please send Coach Ron your 2 events that you want to swim.

We are working on 2 other meets, and will give details soon.  City and State meets are being scheduled, but with the current situation, I encourage all swimmers to compete as often as possible.  Please pay attention to the spectator limitations for the facilities, and this will be part of each announcement of the meets.  

Divers, the format for your meets are similiar to previous years, work with Coach Mike regarding the scheduling of these,  

Also, if you know of any swimmers that want to join the fun this year, we still are offering a 2 week trial. Please encourage your friends to try it out!