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Transitions - Coach Brian Hulseman

This weekend will mark the last practices for Coach Brian Hulseman - what was meant to be a short stay for a summer job turned into a great long term commitment from a wonderful person who cares so much about every athlete he works with. Coach Brian has worked with pretty much every group on the team - settling with Senior this last year - providing great stability for the group.

We are very sad to see him move on - as he begins a new job in Milwaukee working as a family advocate. If you see him on deck this weekend - give him a long distance high five and wish him well!  I know that I, personally, will miss his quirky sense of humor, his patient humility and his overwhelming desire to help however he can across the entire program - whether that's running masks at an intersquad meet or moving all the equipment from place to place so we can run each workout where it needs to be or coaching that really early practice at the last minute. Brian is going to be greatly missed.  

And now, in his own words - Coach Brian... 

Although the year has been tough, it has given me plenty of time to stop and think. I have been given the chance to learn from my experience at NTA, be thankful for what has worked, and take these skills to better both myself and the people I will serve. 

As I look back on my time coaching I have realized how much it means to all the swimmers. To be able to swim and see their friends/teammates has taught me how much the sport means to myself and them. I have learned that sometimes swimming gives us a space to take some time for ourselves. One of the most important things I have learned is to be able to give kids a chance to just enjoy the swim. Being patient and reading how everyone is feeling each day is something I hope to take with me on my new job. Coaching with you all has given me a new found appreciation for the sport as well as it has helped me realized how special it is to be a part of a team. seeing the energy and love that you all have for both swimming and each other has been incredible to watch.
I myself have been blessed to be part of this coaching squad and am very grateful to all of the coaches. Whether it has been developing a team culture, making practice fun for everyone, appreciating the music that we all practice with. I can confidently say that I have learned some incredibly important skills. I am going to miss seeing everyone on the teams every day. However, I am thankful to both the athletes as well as the other coaches for an unforgettable experience. 
Brian Hulseman