Health Plan and Updates

 We are quickly approaching the swim season! I’m sure you all share in my excitement to get our Dolphins back in the water! This is another long email but full of all information you need to know so please read it in its entirety.

On behalf of the FOD Board I have an announcement.  Kim Berrios has decided to step down from her responsibilities as head coach.  We are very grateful to Kim for the past years she has dedicated to our team and we are so glad that she will be staying on as one of our practice group coaches. Thank you, Kim, for your dedication to our team.  You have brought so much knowledge and experience to our team, one day we will let you retire but not yet!

Our new head coach will be Jack Solt. Many of you already know Jack as he has been our Lead Coach for the past couple years.  Jack has been coaching for 10 years and was a member of the Fair Oaks Dolphin team for 13 years.  Jack, we are excited to see you step up to the role and can’t wait to get this season started!

March Clinic:

Our March clinic kicks off on March 1st at San Juan High School! Those that were registered should have received an email with the practice group times.  If you did not get an email and you feel that you are registered please let me know ASAP.

Health Plan:

In order to swim at the school district, we have a health plan in place.  This plan is constantly updated in accordance with the constant changing guidelines.  Current guidance is:

  1. Health screening upon arrival
  2. Face coverings at all times when not in the water
  3. Maintain social distancing of 6 feet at all times
  4. Limit 4 swimmers per lane, max 24 in the pool at one time
  5. Equipment (including kickboard, fins, etc.) cannot be shared
  6. Swimmers equipment and personal belongings have to be separated (ie not stacked on the deck).
  7. Only 2 coaches are allowed on the pool deck.  Parents will not be allowed on the pool deck. Parents will need to drop their kids off at the start of their practice group allotted time and be ready to pick up their swimmer at the exact time the practice group ends.  Swimmers will not be allowed to be on deck after their group time so please do not be late with pick up.  Parents that choose to stay will be required to wait in the designated area, wear a face covering, and maintain a minimum of 6 ft. from others. You will be able to see the pool from the parking lot or can wait outside the gate (provided social distancing is followed).  Please no early drop offs. You may arrive 5-10 min before your practice time and wait in the car until your group is ready to begin.
  8. Participants will enter the pool area through the east gate from the parking lot.  Participants will exit the pool area through the west gate out to the parking lot.
  9. Only one swimmer will be allowed to use the bathroom at a time if needed.  Note the bathroom at San Juan High School is in a different building, please encourage your swimmer to use the restroom prior to coming to swim if possible.


In accordance with these guidelines, swimmers are strongly encouraged to purchase their own equipment.  We do have limited supplies available for rent for season use, but not enough for all participants.  You are welcome to purchase the equipment anywhere you choose but FOD has partnered with Swim Outlet where the equipment is very affordable and 8% goes back to our team.  The link on our website will take you directly to our FOD page on Swim Outlet. Link also here:

Equipment List:

Beginner Ability Group Equipment:

Junior KickBoard (Recommended for 8&younger)

Swim Fins

Intermediate/Advanced Ability Group Equipment

Adult KickBoard: (Recommended for 9&older)

Swim Fins

Pool Buoy

Swim Paddles (advanced group only)

All groups Mesh swim bag (optional)

Summer Season:

Our summer season kicks of Monday, April 5th! The practice schedule will most likely be the same as years past (posted on our website).  There may be some adjustments depending on the pool capacity restrictions.  In accordance with the health guidelines (subject to change) our priority will be always to get swimmers in the water and that may require changing the practice group your swimmer is in.  For the most part, the practice times will not change significantly.

We will start summer season (April – May) at the San Juan High School pool.  Once the high school season is over, we can go to the Bella Vista pool. We may go back sooner if health guidelines change.

As of now we have 4, yes FOUR, spots remaining on our summer team.  Again, health guidelines are subject to change and if we can accommodate more swimmers we will adjust as necessary.

We will have a mandatory parent meeting via zoom on March 10th. 6-7pm for last names A-M, 7-8 pm for last names N-Z.   Zoom information will be sent to all active registered members. 

New Swimmers:

For all of our new swimmers, we will have a new swimmer assessment on Saturday, March 13th at Noon at San Juan High School.  If you are new to our team but are participating in March clinic you do not need to attend the assessment on March 13th.  The purpose of the swim assessment is to place your swimmer in the appropriate practice group. Again, we are unable to have our Junior Dolphin program this year as our coaches are not allowed in the water to assist.  All swimmers must be 100% water safe.  We are very disappointed about that but hope to resume the program next year.

Also please make sure you review our handbook posted on the website.  It contains most of the information you will need to know.  

See you all very soon!

Any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

Melissa Serafini, FOD Board Secretary