Practice Schedules Have Been Updated Thru May

GOAL practice schedules have been updated on the GOAL website to include the March thru May details for all groups.  No changes to speak of for Sharks, Piranhas, Dolphins and Penguins.  However, the Senior and SrNats groups do have much updated info for Mar. 1-20 period.  Spring Break week is March 22-28 for all groups - no practices, with practices resuming on March 29.  We do not have specific Summer info yet, as things are still fairly uncertain and some of our usual pools are still unavailable.  If possible and if weather cooperates we may try and get outside as early as possible this Spring/Summer for some groups.  We hope to have a Summer schedule finalized the early part of April.

Mar. 1 - 20 period for Senior-level groups (no weekday mornings until April):  CSM = College of St. Mary's, MC = Montclair Community Center

Senior group:  Mon/Thur 4:15-5:45 PM at CSM (Thur. Mar. 11 4-5:15 PM at MC), Tue/Fri 4-5:45 PM at CSM (Fri. Mar. 12 4-5:45 PM at MC), Wed 4-5:45 PM at MC, Sat. 7-8:45 AM at CSM

SrNats group:  Mon-Fri 4-6 PM at MC (Thur. 4-5:15 PM at MC), Sat. Mar. 6&13 7-8:45 AM at CSM, Sat. Mar. 20 6:45-8:45 AM at MC

Mar. 29 - end of May (approx.)  Senior group  Tue/Wed/Fri 4-5:45 PM at CSM, Mon/Thur 4:15-5:45 PM at CSM, Sat. 7-8:45 AM at CSM    SrNats group  Mon-Wed/Fri 4-6 PM at MC, Thur 4-5:15 PM at MC, Sat. 6:45-8:45 AM at MC