Intrasquad Meet REMINDER

Pacific Northwest Swimming Teams:

We are excited to see more and more teams getting racing opportunities for their teams on the calendar.   A few things to keep in mind as you put your intrasquad meets together:


  1. Make sure to work with the facility regarding COVID protocols, facility capacity, best practices, etc.   It is VERY important that you follow all guidance and have worked through protocols with your Meet Director, Meet Ref, and facility management as well as communicated those plans to participants (particularly if it is not a facility you are using on a regular basis.) Linked below is the swimming pool guidance.  You should be working with the facility manager to develop a plan around these requirements: COVID-19 Prevention Guidance and Reopening of Water Recreation Facilities in Phases


  1. While most pools are limited to a max. of 50 participants (athletes, coaches, officials, & volunteers), it is still important that you have enough officials.  While an intrasquad meet can run with three, best practices include having the following: One Ref, One Starter, One AO, and One Stroke & Turn.  Our athletes have limited opportunities to race these days and we want to make sure we are providing opportunities for their times to count.


  1. Ask questions if you have them.  There are members of the officials committee, Program Operations, and many others that would be more than happy to work with you on developing a safe and effective intrasquad meet.

Thank you,

Suzanne Rychlik

Program Ops


John Gagliardo

Officials Chair


Bob Keller

General Chair