March break swim dates

Hi all, 

This is a reminder that March break this year runs March 18 to March 26 (in YK1 at least). 

Swimming will stop March 18 (no swimming that day) and start up again March 29. 

That will quickly be followed by Easter, when we'll have no swimming April 3 (Saturday) and 5th. 

In other news, most groups are starting their NWT Passports, which is a virtual meet this week. We'll be completing 10 events (and recording times) that will be submitted to NWT Swimming. Swimmers in Fort Smith and Hay River are doing the same. The goal is complete the events once as groups now and also at an end of season meet June 11/12/13, COVID-19 depending. Not all swimmers are working on this yet but all are working towards it. 

Thanks again to all the parents and kids for the enthusiasm this year. Weird and wonderful!

Sara Minogue
Yk Swim Club communications volunteer