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COVID Testing

Testing services are being provided by Orriant to Olympus Aquatics.  Please complete the appropriate form(s) and bring them to the testing event March 2nd or email them to [email protected]

Testing will begin Tuesday March 2nd from 3:30 to 7:00PM at the Olympus Pool.  No appointment is necessary.  

Individual COVID Waiver and HIPAA Consent, Personal Information 

This is critical to your success.

A.      Please complete this simple online form for all those who are registering for testing:

Orriant COVID-19 Testing: Personal Information

B.       Please have each athlete under 18 have their parent complete and sign this CONSENT form.  Without it, they will not be tested.

 Orriant COVID-19 Parental Consent Form and Waiver

C.       Athletes or Coaches 18 and over please complete this personal consent form.

Orriant COVID-19 General Consent Form and Waiver

D.      ALL Coaches and Athletes(Parents) must sign the HIPAA release form.

Orriant HIPAA Release From

If you so desire, you can email these completed, signed forms to [email protected] or simply bring signed hardcopies to the event.