LCSC Coho Update 18 March 2021

LCSC Coho Update      18 March 2021

Schedule Update
Week of March 15: All practices as scheduled, Monday-Thursday.  
Friday evening (March 19) practice canceled due to swim meet.
Week of March 22: All practices as scheduled. 
Week of March 29: Spring Break
Week of April 5: Session III Begins
Billing Updates

During the next billing cycle, families should expect to see charges for meet entry fees for the two LCSC and one CW meet.  There are no meet fee charges for our “unofficial” racing opportunities.  Please direct any questions regarding these charges to Coach Vince.

Coho Racing Update
March 19 & 21: LCSC Spring Championships @ Rec Center

A restricted number of our top-level Coho swimmers have the opportunity to officially race and compete in the “Virtual Michigan Swimming State Championships” during this event.  As the MHHS determines updated guidelines for indoor activities, we are working with the Rec Center to determine the number of athletes allowed to race during each session.  Our goal with this event is to offer Coho state-level swimmers the opportunity to achieve official times in preparation for the 2021 summer championship season.   
Friday afternoon start times have changed: Session 1 warm-up begins at 2:30, and events begin at 3:00 p.m.; Session 2 warm-up begins no earlier than 4:15, and events begin at 4:55. 
March 20: Bronze/Silver Graduation/IMX Challenge
As a follow-up to our entry level meet, Coho Bronze/Silver swimmers ready to demonstrate their racing skill development are invited to participate in this event on Saturday, March 22, from 10 a.m.-noon.  Gold swimmers not racing on Friday/Sunday are encouraged to complete their IMX requirements.  Swimmers need to RSVP with Coach Vince and/or Coach Paul as our total of number of swimmers on deck/in pool are restricted.
            Bronze Graduation Goals
            1. 100 IM with legal start (dive) and turns
            2. 200 free with legal start, bilateral breathing, and flip turns
            3. Able to use pace clock for send-offs
            Silver Graduation Goals
            1. 200 IM with legal start (dive) and turns
            2. 500 free with legal start, bilateral breathing, and flip turns
            3. Able to use pace clock for send-offs and pace work
            IMXtreme Coho Challenge
Events needed to complete the USA Swimming IMXtreme Coho 2021 for each age group may be found at:

Session III Begins April 5 
LCSC is preparing to open registration for Session III later in the month.  Thank you to all of our returning families! We are still working under capacity restrictions to ensure safety.  This limits our total number of registrants; Coho families are being contacted by the coaching staff to confirm Coho swimmers are prepared to meet the group prerequisites before registering for Session III.  

What to Expect as LCSC Continues to Practice
1. Please continue to stay safe and stay home if you have any Covid-19 symptoms. 
LCSC is following the recommendations of Wayne County’s “Return to School Roadmap”:
2. Wear your mask and social distance at all times when in the Rec Center.  This includes dry land training, waiting behind the blocks to enter the pool, and using the restrooms.  
3. Maintaining safe distance in the water, while resting and/or receiving instruction.  

Please be aware of social distancing while in the water while resting and receiving instructions.  
4. Direct instruction and practice time to correctly perform basic and advanced racing skills.  In swimming, the combination of excellent instruction and time to fine-tune those skills is the path to success.  Coho coaches are well prepared daily to offer excellent instruction, and our Board of Directors have been tenacious in providing pool time so that our young swimmers have the best opportunities to be successful Coho swimmers.
Thank you for keeping all Cohoes safe!
Your LCSC Coho Coaches