Michigan Swimming, Inc. COVID-19 Update: Statement on MDHHS Epidemic Order
Fellow members of the Michigan Swimming community,
I had planned to share a more comprehensive update on the next phase of Michigan Swimming's COVID-19 recovery efforts with you this weekend, highlighting exciting details about our Summer season. I still plan to share that update, but I cannot, and should not, wait to address today's epidemic order issued by the Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.
While Michigan Swimming is still assessing the short-term operational implications of the order at an LSC level, I want to emphasize that Michigan Swimming will continue to move forward toward its goal of returning to normal operating procedures by September 1, 2021.
We have received numerous questions regarding the impact today's epidemic order will have on clubs and individual members. As has been the case with previous epidemic orders, individual members are solely responsible for interpreting the order and ensuring full compliance.
As a sport organizer, it is Michigan Swimming's unwavering expectation that every member will do their due diligence and make a good faith effort to comply fully with all MDHHS epidemic orders and other federal, state, and local laws, orders, guidelines, or other instruments carrying the weight of law.
That said, Michigan Swimming is not a police force. We simply do not have the resources to take a proactive enforcement approach, nor do we believe it necessary. We trust our members to take their obligations seriously and prioritize protecting the public health of our swimming family and of all Michiganders. To date, our community has done an outstanding job of meeting this challenge, and we firmly believe this will continue to be the case in the future.
Nonetheless, if Michigan Swimming is made aware of alleged non-compliance, it may choose to investigate and take any enforcement or disciplinary action it deems necessary, in accordance with state law, the organization's bylaws, and the USA Swimming Rulebook.
Looking toward the future, we are encouraged by increasing vaccine availability, positive preliminary results from studies of COVID-19 treatments, and recent guidance from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actively paving a path toward a return to normalcy. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger and brighter by the day, and I am confident that we are nearing the end of these incredibly painful and trying times.
If you have additional questions, comments, concerns, or if you would just like to talk, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I remain at your disposal and eternally grateful for your continued trust in me to serve and lead this incredible organization.
Kind regards,
Joe Gazzarato
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Michigan Swimming, Inc.
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