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Velocitt Aquatics Merges with Victor

Welcome to a New Era in the history of aquatic sports in Western, NY! Never has Niagara Swimming had 2 teams working together in regional areas to create a partnership and offer opportunities for local athletes in a large-scale program. We are proud to announce that Velocity Aquatics and Victor Swim Club will join and compete as one team. In fact, we will be the only USA Swimming Team in NY State with a regional presence! 

Partnership Facts:

  • We will compete in USA Swimming as one, unified team, under the Victor Swim Club name; all athletes will be teammates.  We will be Velocity Aquatics @ Victor.
  • Coaching staffs will combine as one, with Coach Mike Murray acting as Head Coach.  Coach Murray is a nationally recognized coach, and we very excited about what he will bring to our program. Here is his bio:
  • Coach Murray will help set the vision and expectations for the Velocity site, while mentoring the coaches at that location.
  • We will create clinics, swim camps, and coach mentoring opportunities for both teams.
  • Zoom dry-land and team meetings will be available for both locations!
  • We will have team experiences together, such as open water swimming, weekend team workouts, team outings and bonding.
  • Both teams will remain financially independent.
  • Heidi Pare, an expert on swim-business and lesson program implementation, as well as the Owner of Michael Phelps Swim School, and Velocity Aquatics, will provide guidance and the vision for our new Victor Swim Club lesson program at the Victor location.

We are so excited to welcome our new teammates! As we begin to partner there will be both virtual team “mixers” and some in-person, competitive events where we will all learn about all our new teammates! This has been an on-going project for the past year, and we are thrilled to finally be one unified team!  Our club will always put the needs of our athletes first, and we are committed to developing exceptional young people who will contribute and represent their communities proudly.