SoFlo 500 is Live!

Thank you to all who have signed up on Snap-Raise and created your profile for the SoFlo 500. We have 40% of our team signed up so far but if you haven't signed up yet, please take a moment to do so. To sign up, please click on this link  and enter the Swimmer's First and Last name, an email, telephone number, and their Age Group (10 & under 11-12, 13-14, 15 and over & "old folks"-masters, parents, coaches)!

We have already raised almost $8000 in the last two days! If you have signed up but haven't added any emails yet, please go in and add some emails or you can choose to text people or share on Social Media through your account. Every Email, Text and Share will help our campaign. Also, add a profile photo so the people receiving your email will know who it is from.

We would like to congratulate Nicholas Pelaez from the AKS Training site who has already raised $1000 and has earned a SoFlo 500 T-shirt, a SoFlo baseball cap, a personalized TYR swim cap and a personalized TYR Backpack as a result of his fundraising efforts. Thank you Nicholas - we truly appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to our team!

Please check out the SoFlo 500 and create your swimmers profile. We would love the whole team to participate in this fundraiser and swim with us on April 10th to try to reach the goal of 500 miles in 21 hours.

Let's go SoFlo!


Coach Lou