Equipment List



In accordance with our health guidelines, swimmers are strongly encouraged to purchase their own equipment.  We do have limited supplies available for rent for season use, but not enough for all participants.  You are welcome to purchase the equipment anywhere you choose but FOD has partnered with Swim Outlet where the equipment is very affordable and 8% goes back to our team.  The link on our website will take you directly to our FOD page on Swim Outlet. Link also here:

Equipment List:

All groups: Mesh swim bag (optional)


Sea Turtle and Killer Whale Group Equipment:

Junior KickBoard (Recommended for 8&younger)

Swim Fins


Purple Penguin, Narwhal, Water Buffalo Group Equipment

Adult KickBoard: (Recommended for 9&older)

Swim Fins

Pool Buoy

Swim Paddles (Water Buffalo only)