Meet Information for Spring Meets


SASO Swimmers and Families:

I am including meet information for upcoming meets in April as well as our Senior Championships in early May.  These will be our season championship meets (similar to our normal JO and CIF sections meets.)
This info is to help swimmers navigate thru these meets leading into their championship meet.  Swimmers are encouraged to participate in the meets, however, their main focus should be the prelims and finals meets (if qualified.)  
Please be sure to talk to your group coach if you have any questions.  They can help navigate swimmers to meets that are the best fit for them this spring.
DART-Davis Meet                    April 10/11
Age Group and Otter swimmers should attend this meet.  Swimmers from Junior and Senior groups can attend Saturday if they do not have JO times. This meet will be hosted by DART-Davis.  Swimmers can enter on our website using the link below.  Entries will open after practice today.   
DART dual Meet with TIDE       April 11
Junior and Senior swimmers should plan to attend this meet.  This meet will offer multiple events and will be the last chance for swimmers to qualify for the April 14 and under prelims and finals meet.   This will also be the last chance for 15 and older swimmers to qualify for the Senior champs meet in May.  Entries will open after practice today.
14 and under Champs               April 17/18
We will have a 14 and under prelims and finals meet in Roseville with CCA, NSS and DART.  Swimmers have at least one Sierra Nevada time standard to qualify.  The meet will open for entry this week.  Meet info is available below.
Senior Champs-13 and older     May 1-2
We will have a 13 and older championships meet in Roseville on May 1 and 2.  Note we are looking into adding events on Friday, April 30 as well.   All 13 and older swimmers who are qualified should attend.  The meet planning is still being finalized-swimmers will most likely need to have a SNS JO time to enter.

Ricky Silva
Head Coach-DART-Solano
Assistant Coach-Solano College
General Chair-Sierra Nevada Swimming
650-393-9634 cell phone