A message From Coach Todd

                                                     A MESSAGE FROM COACH TODD



Greetings Wahoo Swimmers and Families,


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see so much great racing this past weekend both at our wonderful facility and in the evenings at Cheshire. Many life time best times where achieved at both sites and it is so gratifying to be able to get our kids some exciting racing after a very challenging short course season.


Let me give a Big Shout out to all the parents that made this weekend happen and for all your passionate volunteerism throughout the year! I am so blessed with the wonderful staff of JoAnn McCaffrey, Eric Holden, Joe Bonk and Ray Snyder for all their hard work and dedication- thanks for all you do for our Wahoos!  


As things start to open up, our bubble comes off, and more teammates feel comfortable with long course meets- I can only anticipate how much more all of our swimmers will evolve in terms of racing fast, which, as we know, keeps swimming fun!


We are looking forward to TEAM PHOTO DAY – which, as I write this may be pushed to Thursday due to rain- please look for team information forthcoming.


A few notable items…


Senior squad practice will remain combined from 5:00-6:30pm for Wednesday 3/31 regardless of Team photo day and will repeat for Thursday as well (5:00-6:30pm)


Graduating Seniors- Wahoo Yearbook photos and reflections are due to Mrs. Lester.


WAHOO 1ST ANNUAL SWIM –A – THON – Don’t miss out! Coming in June!!!


Final day of practice is Thursday 4/1 – April Fools!! – Seriously though- as we will all enjoy the short break. National Senior and Junior Squads will return to training on Monday 4/12.


 Spring practice schedule will be posted on our website Wednesday 3/31.


Squad Assignments- As we experience each fall and each spring the coaching staff meets to evaluate the squad sizes and swimmers aging up. This is exciting, as each training group will take on a new look. We evaluate each swimmer in the areas of maturity- age- commitment- stroke technique- ability to race- ability to train – practice preparedness – punctuality- meet participation -attitude and time standards.  Some swimmers will be asked to “bridge” for the long course season, which gives them an opportunity to secure their position within that squad for the fall.  The future of the Wahoos is bright, and in order to continue to grow as a team, swimmers need to be challenged and motivated. Some swimmers will be big fish within their squad (leaders - if you will) and others will become new additions.

As coaches we trust that you all know we have the best interest in mind for each swimmer and are looking forward to their engagement and future development, which will enhance their swimming experience and the success of our team as a whole.  Spring squad assignments will be communicated this week.

I trust you find this information helpful.


All my best,

Todd Stevens

Director of Competitive Aquatics

Wilton Y Wahoos