New Senior Offering

With the upcoming spring and summer seasons nearly upon us, the Storm Swim Club looks toward the future, while reflecting on lessons learned over the past year.  As always, Storm strives to provide the best experience possible for all team members. We aim to strike the best balance between our goals, philosophies, and facility access. 

Currently, we have several concerns about practice group structure, as well as available pool time. The concerns are as follows:

1.        The growth and size of our Senior practice groups and the restrictions on pool facilities that still remain in place.

2.       The diverse characteristics of the Senior practice group; some of which include ability, level of commitment and age of the swimmers.

We find some difficulty in providing consistent coaching to Storm senior swimmers, when practice groups contain these significant variables.

In an effort to rectify our concerns, we intend to offer a third Senior group beginning in the Spring 2021 practice session. The initial requirement for this third group are as follows:

1.       Fifteen years of age, or turning 15 during the season you wish to be considered.  Storm offers three primary practice seasons each year: Winter, spring-summer, and fall.

2.       Swimmer has achieved a USA Swimming Speedo Sectional Qualifying time cut.

3.       Commitment to attending 85% of the group’s practices.

4.       Commitment to attending 75% of the meets this group attends, as well all end-of-season meets.  *Travel meets are excluded from this criteria.

We will be limiting the new groups size to approximately 24-32 swimmers, or at the discretion of the Storm coaching staff.  If we have any remaining space available in this group, additional members who do not meet the criteria listed above, may be considered.  Coaches will consider swimmers for this new group based on the following order of criteria: age, work ethic, coaches discretion and lastly, race results.

There will be three senior practice offerings for the spring and summer.  Due to space constraints, three senior groups are currently a necessity for the Storm team.  All three senior practice groups will have access to the traditional 50 meter long course training, as well as access to all Storm meets.  The difference is not in the quality of the training, the coaching or the desire for improvement. This plan will optimize the training to work best for all Storm swimmers.

This new plan will pause after summer season 2021 and resume when the new Century Middle School pool is slated to open in January 2022. When Century opens, Storm will implement this as a year-round plan, as much as the pool availability will allow for it.

The coaching staff at Storm views this new plan as an opportunity to improve performance and training for all three senior practice groups. Training for all three senior groups will be enhanced and not diminished.

There are many goals that we hope to achieve with this split and they can be detailed to each swimmer and family.  These goals include:

  1. Keeping younger swimmers paired with their peers and developing leaders in the key transition ages of 13-15 years old.

  2. Allowing for training to better align with the maturity of our Storm athletes. 

  3. Motivate Storm swimmers with new and faster goals to aspire to. We sometimes see senior swimmers become complacent when they have reached the highest levels in a club or a HS setting.  

     **At this time, we need all senior Storm swimmers to indicate their interest in this new group, on the Events tab on the website .  An outline of spring and summer practice schedules is included on this page as well.