SRS Graduating Senior Recognition

To The Class of 2021 and Their Families,

As you all know, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Class of 2021 has missed out on many recognitions of their hard work, both in and out of the pool. Even though there have been few opportunities for SRS swimmers to compete, SRS has decided to continue the tradition of celebrating and recognizing, with a video celebration, each of the SRS swimmers who will be graduating this year.

Joan W (SRS Admin Vice Chair) needs your help. Please send the following information on or before April 30 to: [email protected]

- Scan and send 1 Senior Portrait
- Scan and send 1 swim photo
- Scan and send 1 first swim meet photo

Other information to also include: The name and approximate date of your swimmer's first swim meet; the team your athlete has been swimming with; # of years swimming; and, if attending college, which college, planned area of study while in college, and whether you will be swimming in college or not.

Video Recognition will be posted on the Snake River website May 24, 2021!

We want to make sure all SRS Class of 2021 graduating seniors get this deserved recognition. Please spread the word by sending this info to your team and graduating seniors and have them contact Joan before the end of April.

Thank you!