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Updates from Around USA Swimming

April 1, 2021

Happy April 1

  Happy April Fool’s Day to all Clubs.  Hope that you did not experience too many pranks.  And the weather is better than forecasted so that is a good “prank”.

Annual PNS House of Delegates Meeting:  May 8, 2021

 As previously announced, the PNS 2021 House of Delegates (HOD) Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 8, 2021 (the Saturday prior to Mother’s Day as has been the traditional date).  As was the case in 2020, the meeting will be conducted virtually via Zoom and will start at 8:55 AM.  The agenda will include approval of By-Law and policy modifications as well as Board elections and approval of the budget for the coming year (2021-22).  These will all be conducted using the Election Runner tool as was done both in 2020 and for the By-Law vote in January of this year.

  Each club should be represented by three delegates:  an athlete, a coach, and a parent. If your club wishes to change delegates from those who participated in the January ballot, please contact the PNS Office to communicate any modifications.  The meeting will, as always, be open for others to attend, but they will need to register prior to the meeting.  

  If delegates would like to understand Zoom and/or Election Runner functionality, please contact the PNS Office and a “Training” session can be scheduled.  Preliminary planning for the 2022 HOD (May, 2022) is to establish a hybrid meeting with the session being available via Zoom, but also permitting in-person attendance.

New PNS Town Hall Meetings:  April 17, 2021

  Please reserve the afternoon of April 17 for two Town Hall meetings conducted via Zoom.  These sessions are intended to introduce athletes (1 PM) and parents (2 PM), respectively, to the PNS Board and the functions that the Board performs in providing competitive swimming opportunities to the clubs that are PNS members.  PNS is a totally volunteer organization and approximately ½ of the Board is elected at each HOD (Board terms are for 2 years).  So, new participants are needed to serve on the Board or on any of the committees.

  This year, the entire group of 4 athlete representatives will be transitioning off the Board.  So, athlete candidates are needed and can participate in the Athlete Committee meeting during the HOD to select the representatives.  Coaches, if your club has athletes who could benefit from leadership opportunities or are interested in providing direction for the LSC, please encourage them to run for a position.  Alternatively, they can join one of the committees that provide the detailed guidance for the work of the LSC.

  Similarly, PNS needs parents who are willing to volunteer and can help committees or contribute to the Board by serving.  If the club has a parent who would like to influence the operation of the LSC, this is their opportunity to get involved.  Please suggest this as opportunity to make a difference.

PNS Successfully Renews LEAP Level 3 Status!

  USA Swimming approved the PNS application for renewal of LEAP Level 3 status on March 25.  PNS originally qualified as a LEAP Level 3 LSC in 2019 and received financial recognition from USA Swimming for the accomplishment.  In January 2021, USA Swimming introduced a new upgrade to the LEAP program and required all ten current Level 3 LSC’s to complete the changeover by March 31.  Thanks to contributions from many of the Board members, Admin Vice-Chair John Skroch compiled the application which was accepted.  Thanks to John and everyone else who contributed!  PNS will next need to renew LEAP 3 status in 2023.

PNS Board of Directors Athlete Representatives Needed

  The 2021 HOD will include the normal election for this year’s open Board positions.  Last year, the PNS Board of Directors was expanded to include four athlete representatives.  The 2021 athlete delegates to HOD will need to elect four (4) new athlete representatives as all the current representatives will be continuing or starting college in the Fall.  Ideally, candidates would include:

  1. one student beginning their senior year in high school in the Fall, 2021.  This individual would be the Senior Athlete Representative.
  2. one student starting their junior year in high school in the Fall, 2021.  This individual would be the Junior Athlete Representative and then most likely become the Senior representative the following year.
  3. two students starting their sophomore year in high school in the Fall, 2021.  These individuals would be the At-Large Athlete Representatives.  This would be their familiarization year to ready them to assume the Athlete Representative roles during subsequent years.

  Please review your athlete roster and encourage swimmers who are interested in the broader roles of the organization and in advancing the sport to become delegates and candidates for the Board of Directors.  This is also a good community service and extra-curricular opportunity.

Athlete Introduction to LSC Governance – March 23

  USA Swimming LSC Services offers 1 hour monthly overviews on various topics.  The March offering is scheduled for 3 PM PDT via Zoom and the topic is:  “Athlete Engagement in the LSC”.  The April session (scheduled for April 27, again via Zoom at 3 PM, PDT) will be a follow-up for further discussion.  This would be another (PNS is offering a Town Hall session on April 17 – see the note elsewhere in What’s PNeu) opportunity to learn about the importance of athletes to LSC progress and governance.  Athlete members of PNS Committees and any athlete curious about how athletes can influence the direction of PNS are invited to join the session.  In addition, the session(s) will be recorded and available for later viewing if the swimmer cannot attend the live meeting.  Please contact the PNS Office for information on the link for either the session or the recording.   

Coach Training Program from USA Swimming

  The Zone Workshop (see above) includes an agenda topic of “Coach Education Program”.  This is a new program under the “Keeping Athletes First” initiative that is being introduced by USA Swimming to assist in coach development.  After the workshop, the program will be gradually introduced with the first groups trying the training modules in the Fall of 2021.  Implementation will continue through Fall, 2022.  There will be opportunities for involvement starting in May.  USA Swimming will be asking for participants in focus groups, testers and then, starting in the Fall, participation in early learner cohorts.

National Meet Schedules

  Yesterday (Wednesday), USAS announced a meet opportunity for swimmers to experience LCM competition in preparation for the June Olympic Trials meets.  The TYR 18&U Spring Cup will be conducted  April 29 through May 2.   It is a group of 4 meets in a long course, preliminary / finals structure that will be hosted in Irvine, California, Des Moines, Iowa, Richmond, Virginia and Orlando, Florida. In addition, there will be two Summer Speedo Invite meets hosted later in the summer (August?) in Irvine and Greensboro, North Carolina.  The qualifying period for the Summer Speedo meets starts in 2019 and will utilize the previous qualifying time standards. 

Recruiting New Participants

  With so many current limitations on pool availability, it is not obvious how many clubs are thinking about opportunities to recruit new swimmers and club members.  However, spring is also the time for at least two national activities around swimming and learn to swim programs.  The calendar starts with “April Pools Day”; a day to introduce youth and their parents to water sports.  June 17 is “World’s Largest Swim Lesson” to create interest in learning to swim ( 

  Clubs in other regions are discussing plans for Olympic Watch parties that include renting local theaters (possibly inexpensive due to limited utilization with COVID), setting up a Zoom watch party and inviting a local Olympian to watch with (remote participation to introduce, and possibly review events?), renting a drive-in for a physically distanced event, and many other team events but operating within a limited budget).