Start of Season DELAYED to April 12

I wish this was an April Fools joke, but unfortunately we need to push back our start date one week for our summer season.  The pool pump at San Juan needed to be replaced.  A couple of the parts are on back order and the estimated completion is next Wednesday or Thursday.

Our new start date is Monday, April 12th.  We will be adding one week at the end of July to our season to make up for the later start. 

We are sorry to have to push our start date back.  I know everyone was anxiously anticipating starting our swim season.  We tried to get into other district pools but none are able to accommodate us.  

One more week to submit payment if you have not already done so (Friendly reminder - can mail in a check to our PO box or pay on our website with a credit card but if you registered prior to 3/10 you need to let me know you want to pay online so I can push the charge through).  You can also use this opportunity to get any needed equipment (list on our website). 

I sent practice group assignments last week.  If you did not recieve it let me know.  Practice group times on our website.

See you on April 12th! Enjoy this beautiful weather!