TESTING UPDATEs and return to Swim Beginning APRIL 6 Protocols


BREAKERS Return to Swim –beginning April 6

Please read thoroughly- as there are protocols to follow for ALL age groups and general guidelines at both pools. 

FOR 13 AND OVER SWIMMERS: Weekly Covid Testing must be taken care of in order for your swimmer to participate per the most recent MDHHS order, until further notice. Currently the YMCA is seeking information about administering testing on our own, but this needs approval/guidance by insurance company and our legal team.

NOTE: These tests are NOT invasive and do not go into the nasal cavity.  This test requires a swab to be gently rubbed around the entrance of each nostril 5 times.  Wait time is under 30 minutes for results.

TESTING Utilize free testing sites, which are on our website(prior news listed)  or schedule your own.  Keep in mind that the EARLIEST that Kathy can receive your result is Monday morning AND the LATEST is Tuesday evening. These results need to be reported within 24 hours of them being administered.

 Kathy will NOT be taking testing data results past Tuesday evening 8:00 pm. All our reports need to be in by Wednesday.  If you fail to report a result by the deadline, your swimmer must wait until next testing cycle to swim, the next week, no exceptions.

The FREE testing site at Central High School is avail Monday April 5th from 11-7:00 pm:

On Monday, April 5, 2021, TCAPS will host a no cost drive-thru COVID-19 testing site at Traverse City Central High School (1150 Milliken Dr.) from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The entrance will be in the parking lot area near the school’s main gymnasium, which is located off of Eastern Ave.  To register, please visit: . Registered individuals and families may visit the testing clinic at any time between 12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Those who do not pre-register will still be able to register at the site.

What are the approved tests that can be taken? You may not perform at home tests!




Conduct in this order:

  1. Take a test on Monday, email Kathy ASAP; these results are then reported by Tuesday.
  2. Take a test on Tuesday, email Kathy ASAP; these results are then reported by Wednesday.
  3. For negative tests results, we are REPORTING THESE in batches within 24 hours of testing time to MDHHS.  Your swimmer can swim if they have a negative test only.  
  4. IF the test result is POSITIVE YOU NEED TO NOTIFY Kathy BY TEXT 608-345-5264, ASAP,  as she will  have 4 hours to report this to MDHHS. For a positive test result you will be directed to follow the guidance of MDHHS and the GTCHD. Do not use my cell for negative tests, those should be emailed.
  5.  Your swimmer cannot attend practice with a positive test!
  6.   NO TEST? NO RESULT? NO SWIM. Period.
  7. There will be no swimming for any 13 yr old on Mondays beginning 12th of April. I will contact you regarding make up times/schedule changes for your swimmer's group. 

After the test is conducted simply email me at [email protected] this info:

  1. Swimmer name
  2. Type of Test
  3. Date/Time
  4. Test result Negative/Positive

FOR ALL 12-UNDER SWIMMERS & COACHES: Beginning Tuesday April 6th and ongoing until?...

WE will be doing daily health screens similar to what we did the day of the swim meet, which includes a temperature check and  3 health check questions. 

  1. Have you been close to anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid within the past 14 days?
  2. Do you have any symptoms that aren’t caused by another condition?
  3. Are you awaiting a Covid Test?


  • Arrive in suits and leave in suits. 
  • Lockeroom use for bathroom breaks only
  • Masks mandatory before/after swim/hallways on & off deck
  • Swimmers on deck ONLY until further notice as we need this space for swimmers

At Central, during the month of April, swimmers will NOT be allowed to arrive early and play in the puddle. The YMCA will be using this area for private swim lessons. The weather is changing, and it is lighter out so please use the outside fresh air for any extra activity.

At West Pool: No hot tub use until further notice

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we KEEP OUR FISH IN the WATER and continue to do what it takes to keep us all healthy in the pool and out!!

The Coaching Staff