Aulea Weekly Update

 Aloha all,

I hope everyone has a relaxing and family filled Easter Sunday.  

I hope to have a district park update by the middle of next week.  I will be filing all necessary paperwork on Monday.  The only questionis as to how many people will be allowed in the pool at once and whether we can start exactly on April 12th or it may take a week or so after that.

For next week, here is what we have:

Bronze- M/W: 3:50-4:45 at Kokokahi, Sat: 1:00-2:05 at Kokokahi

Silver- M/W: 4:45-5:45 at Kokokahi: Sat: 1:00-2:05 at Kokokahi

Gold- M/W: 5:45-7:00 at Kokokahi, TH; 5:30-7:00 at Kokokahi, Sunday: 1:00-2:05 at Kokokahi

Junior- same schedule as gold plus 7:00-8:30 AM on Saturday at LJA

Senior/Elite: M/TH AM at LJA (5:50-7:00, PLEASE BE PREPARED TO BE IN WATER BY 6, Tuesday: 4:45-6:15 PM beach practice (hybrid dryland/swim), W/F: 5:30-7:30 PM at Barbers Point, Sat: 7:00-8:30 AM at LJA

Please continue to fill out your pre screening at LJA.

Also, I hope to have a final answer on whether we will be able to run the Senior Swim Extravaganza on April 23-25 later in the week.  We are in communications with the city council and mayor's office.  MANY other events are happening island wide (Includijng plenty for tourists) and it would be a real shame if we couldn't come to an agreement when we have such a large outdoor facility.  Let us all hope our elected officials do what's right for the swimmers of Oahu and common sense can once again prevail.

Happy streamlines and Gooooo Aulea!

Coach Joe